Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday :(

Noticed our YouTube links have been intermittently unavailable? Blame Pakistan.

On Friday, Pakistan's Internet regulator and censor, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, ordered ISPs in the country to shut down access to YouTube, which had been hosting a video that -- according to the Pakistani government -- was so critical of Islam it could have sparked riots.

Morocco, Turkey, and Thailand have also censored YouTube in the past year.

The BBC report:

Continuing with that techy theme... The FCC is holding a hearing on the subject of Net Neutrality today. With Comcast being investigated for "slowing some customers' access to peer-to-peer file-sharing program BitTorrent", Michael Copps aint lyin:

"I see no reason for us to have to wait for a new law to get this going," Mr. Copps said. "Network operators are making choices right now that will determine how Americans communicate today and in the future. The are deciding right now how the Internet is going to be managed. Some of their choices may be right; some of their choices may be wrong."

A final tech-related note... Remember that cool McCain opinion poll video going around last week? The organization that put that together,, does all sorts of digital-focusgroup work where users get paid to take part in studies. Including believability tests on Andy Pettitte's media address from last week and believablility-mashup of Clemens vs. McNamee.

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Kup said...

Great post. Really puts my Shark post to shame.

puddy said...

aw shucks

puddy said...

to be fair, your shark post was an excellent public service announcement

Bradda said...

New tag line:

Illiterate Electorate
Because most people are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Because most people are stupid. - hilarious.