Sunday, February 24, 2008

Maybe I'm naive but...

With all the stories swirling around John McCain's campaign for the White House, now this pops up. I read an article recently about how McCain helped Anheuser Busch broker a deal with the Arizona Cardinals for the rights to an all exclusive deal for alcohol and advertising sales in the stadium. Seems benign. Until you look into who the local A.B. distributors are. They are Hensley Distributing, whose chairman is Cindy Hensley McCain, John's wife and financial supporter. Seems fishy. Do you think as chairwoman of the board she might have gotten a bonus of some sort for landing such a lucrative deal? Doesn't it seem odd that McCain wants to keep corporate taxes low? He needs to recuse himself from our country immediately.

From the Phoenix Business Journal:

Cindy McCain is chairwoman of Phoenix-based Hemsley Co., the third-largest Anheuser-Busch wholesaler in the U.S. and one of the largest privately held businesses in Arizona.

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