Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a crybaby....

Here's your President:

" At issue is a dispute over whether telecommunications companies should be subjected to class-action lawsuits because they are believed to have helped defend America after the attacks of 9/11. Allowing these lawsuits to proceed would be unfair. If any of these companies helped us, they did so after being told by our government that their assistance was legal and vital to our national security."

Once again people, say it with me. If no crime was committed, then why the immunity? Have you ever heard of anyone who needed immunity for something that wasn't illegal? He can't even say if they did "help" the government because that would automatically prove the standing of these lawsuits. As we have seen, our Judicial branch refused to hear one case because of standing. Bush uses the word "believed" to have helped. Then he cries, "unfair"! Really? Like getting sent to prison for 8 years for political reasons?

"Now, let me talk about the phone companies. You cannot expect phone companies to participate if they feel like they're going to be sued. I mean, it is these people are responsible for shareholders. They're private companies.

The government said to those who have alleged to have helped us that it is in our national interests and it's legal. It's in our national interest because we want to know who's calling who from overseas into America. We need to know in order to protect the people.

It was legal. And now all of a sudden plaintiffs attorneys, class-action plaintiffs attorneys, you know I don't want to try to get inside their head; I suspect they see, you know, a financial gravy train are trying to sue these companies. It's unfair. It is patently unfair."

Once again notice the very interesting choice of words, "alleged to have helped us". If they didn't help us, why does Bush care if they get immunity? If they get sued for 5 billion, Bush can then give the telecoms 5 billion in subsidies or whatnot. That's not the real point, the real point is no trials. If trials happen, then disclosure happens. Then impeachment and jail sentences follow.

Finally, I LOVE hearing Bush talk of financial "gravy trains". Not that the Iraq war hasn't been one huge gravy train for Halliburton, Blackwater, Betchel, KBR, etc. It's almost too much hypocrisy for one's brain to fathom.

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