Friday, February 22, 2008

Charlie Crist

In case you were wondering what is gong on in Florida, here is an update by the state's gov, who may become McCane's VP:

Dear Friends,
The quality of life for every Floridian rests on the health of our people, a strong education for our children, and a very vibrant economy.
I have recommended to the Legislature a plan to increase competition and efficiency in our health care marketplace. By lifting the cap on the KidCare program, 23 percent of our uninsured children could receive the medical attention they deserve. By developing consumer choice benefit plans and increasing access to dental care, we can improve access and quality of care for Floridians.
I am proposing legislation that promotes transparency in school spending and reallocates unused funds from the Teacher Merit Award Program. The unused funds will go towards increasing teacher awards through the program. I am also proposing $100 million in incentives for middle schools that enroll students in physical education.
State government is leading by example to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I am recommending $200 million for an energy and economic development package to boost Florida's renewable and alternative energy. This includes funding for research and development opportunities for businesses and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Home ownership is a cornerstone of the American dream – and our economy as well. Yet, many Floridians are losing that dream – and losing hope. This week, I announced a task force to examine the high rate of home foreclosures in our state and explore ways that we can reverse this trend. Our goal is to provide recommendations that will help us provide hope to the families and individuals facing foreclosure.
I have also proposed $10 million for new technology that will equip every child protection caseworker with a handheld device that can verify the location and time of every home visit. This tool will help our protective investigators focus on doing casework, instead of paperwork – and revolutionize how we protect Florida's foster children. It is time we harness the technology that is available to provide the safest environment and care for Florida's children.
Thank you and may God continue to bless Florida.


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