Monday, February 25, 2008

Bush and the use of the Justice Department...

This piece was being blocked by the administration, but finally was aired. Last night. Against the Oscars. It's a very important story of Alabama Governor Don Seigelman and how he was railroaded to prison for being a Democrat in a Republican dominated region. They tried to get this guy many times and couldn't get anything to stick. A female Republican operative actually admits that Karl Rove asked her to get lewd photos of Seigelman. Asked why as a Republican she was speaking out she said because of her conscience. The first time they brought him to trial the judge immediately threw the case out for lack of evidence. Well they finally got him, thanks to a known crook's testimony. Please read the whole story because I think it's worth noting. This story really angers me on so many levels. MSM, get your head outta your ass and let the country know about this!

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