Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Morning Memo:

-Looks like Sen. Obama is holding his lead over Sen. Clinton, while McCane* is about to lose the Turd vote, again.

- Here are two interesting stories about events in Kenya. Maybe they are afraid that Dr. Rice was going to come after them with her piano.

- Dan Savage does a good job answering a very tough question.

- This is pure stupidity. Circulating these sort of emails signals a clear sense of gullibility and idiocy, and makes me question whether or not G-d should have perhaps sided with the Pharaoh.**

* Again, I like this spelling better than the traditional McCain variation. I know that only I find it to be funny, and I am sorry...Really.

**- Relax.


Anonymous said...

What's G-D?

Kup said...

"Anonymous said...

What's G-D?"

G to the D. Get with the street. Gosh....