Monday, February 18, 2008

Largest Beef Recall in US History

Largest Recall of Ground Beef Is Ordered

Published: February 18, 2008

A California meat company on Sunday issued the largest beef recall in history, 143 million pounds, some of which was used in school lunch programs, Department of Agriculture officials announced... See complete original article here.

And.. See Humane Society video on this story here.


Of course this is a horrible story. But what is going to happen to all that recalled beef? It certainly isn't going to be consumed by the people of the US, but should it be thrown away? It seems that consumption does not really represent a serious health risk We should send it off to those starving. That's a solid 500 MILLION hamburgers. I hope it doesn't go to waste.


Bradda said...

Let them eat meat! Are abused cows less tasty??

Kup said...

Why are we feeding our kids cattle anyway? They should be eating chicken and fish. Has P.E. been replaced by Madden 2008 in the gym?