Sunday, February 17, 2008


I found this awesome nugget today and decided to see if he's correct.

"Polls are nothing more than just like a poof of air. What matters is results."
-- President Bush(2/15/2008)

Let's see:
Invading a country on lies and cooked books. Check.
No response for days after a massive storm destroyed a major US city. Check.
Outing a covert CIA agent. Check.
Handing out HUGE no-bid contracts to cronies with no oversight. Check.
Ditching Kyoto. Check.
Hiring nothing but cronies from a tier 4 law school (Regent). Check.
Not allowing ANYONE to talk to said cronies. Check
Spying illegally on his own citizens. Check.
Shooting an old man in the face while drinking. Chec..err...close.

Obviously I could go on and on, but I guess we can see that results do mean a lot to him. Results for him and his rich friends.

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Kup said...

They seem to like Bush in Africa.