Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The Authority Needed To Do What We Did"

Here's tonight's update on what the gullible are being spoonfed. The far-left media is staining the fabric of this fine country by accusing Americans of being a nation that "sadistically inflicts pain on the innocent and guilty" and condones torture. Funny, I found this little number on the not-so-far-left media outlet that signs your checks, Bill. In it, a top Bush official says, we kinda sorta may have knowingly tortured someone (you don't say). As we have discussed on this site, Cheney is most certainly subject to prosecution for actions he took while in office. W. has a get out of jail free card (for now). The thing that gets me is that the practice of torture is justified by the dynamic duo on the grounds that they had the authority to do what they felt needed to be done. Here's what the UN defines torture as. So what authority is it Cheney and W think they have? Executive privelege (may I never hear those words again). Fuck the UN. So basically you make your own rules. What's that called again? A dictatorship? O'Reilly drops the word un-American whenever anyone challenges the authority of the White House (which will change once Obama is the H.N.I.C.). What he doesn't get is that, unfortunately, we're not always in the right. Today's O'Reilly "please think for me" buzzword, for those that like to play along, is "radical left jihad." And as for your threat to "name names" and "make it stop" Bill. I am no-spinning in my pants.


Dick Tremayne said...

Much like W in his first two months as president, the O'Reilly video player doesn't always work. You get to hear Bill sounding like a dick and W and Cheney stating their cases on the torture topic.

Randal Graves said...

Um, I believe the actual term is 'enhanced interrogation.' Torture is what they do in banana republics, thank you.

Michael Hart said...

The UN's articles on torture are excellent. The problem is the Bushmen ignored them. If and when Obama restores our nation's respect for the rule of law, as well as our obligations as a co-creator and signatory of the UN Charter, then I hope there's a few swingin' dicks who will get their day in World Court.