Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush Limblah

Preferences can be strange. I am often amazed with how quickly the human heart and mind can get mixed up and shift desires. For example, this morning I let my dog out in the yard and walked through the patio to open the door for her. As I opened the yard door, the backdoor to my house closed and, for reasons I still don't understand, locked behind me. This was at 8am and all I was wearing were pajama pants that have a big hole in the place you don't want a big hole at 8am in 45 degree weather. Good thing I hit the gym last night!

At night, when I lock my doors, I feel safe and I prefer that my house be break in proof. Suddenly, in a flash, my preferences drastically changed and I looked to exploit any opening I could. Fortiently I was able to pick the lock using a grill fork in about 3 seconds. I was glad, but how soundly will I sleep tonight?

This brings me to Limblah and his nonsense. The Internet Tubes have covered his shtick as thoroughly as is necessary and I won't ad to it here. Click the hyperlink in the last sentence if you are lost.

My preferences about this turd shift like Rush's man boobs when he bounces on an elephant trampoline. If we ignore him, he goes away--but if he goes away, who is going to keep the right crazy? Does not a crazy right help the cause of progress? He and his followers remind me of Le Pen in France. He usually has about 20% support of the radical right in his country, but they are such loons that they scare the shit out of the other 80% that vote for anyone not named Le Pen. Behind Rush, the right could literally become a 20% faction that is relegated to holding power only at monster truck events, KKK rallies, and paper doll committees for Sarah Palin's annual Easter party.

However, this is not good for the body politic. The truth is, there should sound opposition to any ruling party for a healthy polis. Yet, the seemingly sensible folks in the GOP are more concerned with sucking Rush's cigar than basing policy on sensible, rational thought. Not to say they are not capable, they are just unwilling.

Lets be honest, how would the Republicans have voted had (former!!!) President Bush brought that same package to the floor? Rush would have put up a fuss, but it would have gotten at least some Republican support.

In closing, for I am not sure I have made any sense here at all, Rush is a turd and if we just ignore him and his clones, they will take their rightful place in the asshole of American intellectualism. If we continue to discuss him, he will get stronger. Just ask Marlyn Manson...

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Randal Graves said...

I see your point, but it really is difficult to ignore the bloody train wreck of decapitated bodies and limbs strewn out over flaming steel that is the mind of the drug addict and his sycophants.