Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Man, a Woman and a Rabbi walk into a bar...

I was planning on writing a story about the situation in Gaza Strip. As a member of the "peace camp" I am usually outraged at Israel around this point in a conflict with everyone involved. For some strange reason I am thinking Israel is doing what needs to be done at this point. Are they over reacting? Its hard to say. On paper, of course they are. They are well equipped and fighting an enemy that is launching decades old rockets with sling shots. But those rockets are hitting homes and hospitals and schools. And the governments of the Arab world want Israel to succeed despite their rhetoric. They fear Iranian influence far more than Israeli aggression. Sadly they have used Israel as a whipping boy to deflect they way they are oppressing their people (see Egypt, Syria, etc) but make no mistake, a weak Hamas means a weaker Iran.

Hamas are scum. They purposely target civilians and hide missile launchers in densely populated apartment dwellings. What is Israel to do?

End the Occupation? Sure, I am all for it. But how? Give Hamas a state that is built on an allegiance to Israeli destruction? Anyone on the left that honestly feels that is a viable solution to anything is blinded by a lust to oppose anyone aligned with the United States, even when the cost is your principles.

For some reason it reminds me of the scene in Malcolm X when the young lady approaches Denzel and says "What can a nice white person for me do to help your cause?"

But enough about chickens and eggs. There is a transgender rabbi to be delt with:

When Elliot Kukla, a Reform rabbi, came out as transgender six months before his
ordination in 2006, he never imagined how openly the Jewish community would be
addressing transgender issues just three years later. This month, he is poised
to address a West Coast regional conference of Reform rabbis on the subject, and
even the elderly Jews that he works with in the Bay Area are largely accepting
of his identity. "I'm so amazed at the old ladies who will turn to their friends
and say, 'Did you meet the nice, young transgender rabbi?'" Kukla said. "Some of
that is San Francisco, but that conversation would never have happened a few
years ago."

I really hope we can get past sexuality politics in the future, but this is a start. I am glad Kukla is being accepted. Mozel Tov.


Randal Graves said...

Hamas, like most groups of knuckleheads, derives their power from despair. Lessen despair, lessen the pull of Hamas. Sure, they or some other group will exist, always has, always will.

Oh, and while it'd be nice if Egypt didn't turn a blind eye to weapons flowing in, I'd like the US to maybe possibly sort of stop giving fucking billions to Israel, but I'm not a nice white person.

Good on the left coast for not fucking with the rabbi. And yes, McCain still sucks. I checked, and it's true.

puddy said...

love the title of this post...