Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blow'Reilly on the return of Palin

Ya know how to tell if you are part of the right wing conspiracy? You use deliberately pointed buzzwords like "flip flopper" and today's nugget "guttersnipes," which only serve the purpose of smearing or defiling someone or something. And God help you if you use these words in your everday lexicon and expect people not to think you are a spoonfed sheep who can't even read a newspaper without having someone (like Captain No Spin) to translate it.


Dick Tremayne said...

No Sarah... people didn't vote for you because you have a community college perspective (well 5 community colleges to be fair) of world events, politics and the role of VP. That and the fact that you cannot answer a direct question. Blaming the McCain campaign directors and their handling of you is thinner than an Olsen twin. And Bill... get a fucking life.

Randal Graves said...

I could be hallucinating, but didn't Mooselini appear on SNL?

It's always comical when a wingnut brings up class issues. Snotty media types. Like Falafel Guy.

My head hurts.

Kup said...

My head hurts too. Palin still sucks.

morb320 said...

SP has trouble with accepting responsibility for her own actions. No one would have known as much about her family, or had as many questions, if she had not introduced them as a part of her campaign as an example of her "family values." She used them as props in her quest to become VPOTUS. If she wants to decrease the attention that she and her family members receives, she will have to stop taking advantage of every offer to keep herself and her future political plans in the media. She can't have it both ways.