Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twin Peaks

If you have never watched the t.v. show Twin Peaks, please lock yourself up for the weekend and watch the whole series. If you have, you will have no choice but to buy these limited edition Nike sneakers inspired by the David Lynch creation. With Black Lodge soles and Owl accents, owning these will surely make you the coolest person in your zip code. Especially if you are seen enjoying cherry pie and a damn good cup of coffee while wearing them.


Pierre V. Ross said...

Dick, be careful!! Shoes or no shoes, Twin Peaks is a powerful thing. I've locked myself in a room and watched the entire Twin Peaks series, and the results were not pretty. When I emerged :
a) al gore had started growing that beard
b) my answering machine had an outgoing message that had been recorded backwards
c) both my roommates had developed a coke habit
d) i smelled like an owl

All things in moderation, especially twin peaks

Kup said...

I once got so into Twin Peaks that when I finished I realized the repo people had come and taken everything I owned, including my house, and I was alone and naked on my front lawn. Watch at your own risk...

Randal Graves said...

Holy shit, has it really been twenty years? Fuck, I'm old.