Saturday, January 17, 2009

Physician Heal Thyself

When he's not torturing cats or providing a medical prognosis from a thousand miles away, Bill Frist likes to suck up to the Bush Administration that made him relevant (as if he doesn't have enough punches on his cronyism card). In a recent "commentary" piece he wrote for CNN, Frist explains that the liberal media and politicial pundits ignore it, but that George Bush is, and will go down in history as, a "healer." Yep. That's the word he uses over an over. He explains that W committed $15B to helping to curb the spread of HIV in Africa (as if Bush ever had a problem writing checks future generations needed to cash). Frist touts the success of this program will eventually save 10 million lives in Africa (which kinda makes up for the millions he has been destroying here at home), a number he pulled straight out of his ass. He also gave $1.2B to combat malaria in Rwanda and enacted a plan to get prescription drugs (which he calls "the most powerful tool a doctor has to prevent and treat disease" - an argument for another day) to 43 million senior citizens who couldn't previously afford it. He also tries to spin a yarn that American students are smarter in math and science today than they were in the Clinton administration (he provides no real evidence of this, of course). I read this "commentary" and stared at the picture of Frist for about 45 minutes to see if I could detect any bullshit coming out his ears. To his credit, he kept it all in. (Special thanks to for such an awesome picture - please check her blog frequently~really good stuff)

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Randal Graves said...

I thought the most powerful tool a doctor has is an unwavering belief in the Super Magical Jesus Baby.