Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This just in: FOX News sucks

Fox loves being negative. They fucking love it. They recently tooted their own horn for having the most internet hits in their history for an article about that Caylee girl that "allegedly" got killed by her mom in Orlando. They wear that as a badge of achievement which explains a lot. Throughout W's tenure as a president, FOX defended their brand of reporting as the only unbiased media source in the US (which explains the myriad of American flags that can always be seen on their channel). What a load of crap. They were obvious in their support of McCain, and they are equally obvious in their coverage of what should be heralded as a positive turning point in the evolution of this great nation. As previously mentioned, I was working today and followed the events via the internet in brief spurts. At 8:00 am, the inauguration wasn't even the top story on foxnews.com; it was the merger between Chrysler and Fiat. Then when they finally decided to cover the inauguration as the top story, it was always done with innuendos, downplaying the excitement and celebration. Example: a link to a video on the speech read **In his own words: "I, Barack Hussein Obama"** as if that was the most important phrase he spoke. Just another opportunity to mislead the easily duped by regurgitating the non-factor that is President Obama's middle name. Now they have a link that reads **Steal Obama's Secrets, Apply His Magic**, a tutorial on how to speak like President Obama. As if he only got to where he is because he's a good orator. Of the course the connotation is that he used "MAGIC, " (black magic at that) and tricks to fool the American people into getting to where he is. That actually sounds more like W in 2000, but I won't go there. Other lowlights are **Obama, Roberts Stumble Over Oath** (thank God they didn't have one of those posts every time W misspoke) and **Crowds Cause Disruption in Tech, traffic Patterns** The point being, FOX sucks. And so long as bottom feeders, haters and elitists thrive on this negativity, the scum that makes up their lineup will always have jobs. Heaven forbid they put a positive spin on anything. They'd melt.


Randal Graves said...

Roberts fucked up and I expected to see a few posts around the tubes lampooning that with "iz Bama preznit?"

Lo and behold, Chris Wallace went with it. I'm sick of wingnuts writing our lines.

Unknown said...

These fucktards will, as you note, always have jobs. But I don't get so pissed anymore as it gives me something to hope for...the demise of Ruperts world!