Monday, March 24, 2008

Afternoon Memo:

- I hate to fly, yet I love to travel, and I hate to drive. This leaves me with two choices:
A) Spend my days at home, letting my beard and finger nails grow to freak show proportions, watching the travel channel and, eventually, Ron Paul speeches over the Internet.
B) Fly drunk and hope for the best.

Up until now I have elected, for the most part, to go with plan B. But after reading about this, I may change my mind:

US Air pilot's gun accidentally goes off on plane
Mon Mar 24, 2008
3:18pm EDT
CHICAGO (Reuters) - The gun carried by a US Airways pilot
accidentally went off on a flight from Denver to Charlotte on Saturday,
the plane to be pulled from service, the airline said on Monday. (click here
for more).

I never thought that guns and giant floating tubes mixed very well, and this certainly does not help me change my mind.

- While contemplating the enormity, tragedy, and absurdity of 4,000 U.S. troop deaths in Iraq, I began to wonder about defense contractor deaths. I found that as many as 900 mercenaries and contract workers of American origin have been killed in the fighting as well. I think these numbers should be reported more readily then they are, as it paints a much fuller picture of the Iraq War story.

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alzaido alzaido said...

So, I guess the reassurance of pilots carrying guns has literally backfired. Come on now, that is a dumb idea. Even if a terrorist has a gun, once a shot goes off the pressure controlled cabin is “shot”.

You are right; deaths of other American personnel in Iraq should be reported along with the military casualties. The main reason is because the Bush Administration has been able to grow the military largely by paying independent contractors absurd amounts of money and not calling them military personnel. I wonder if this administration has abused their power more than any other American administration ever. I wonder how their abuse compares to other tyrants through history.