Tuesday, March 18, 2008

(Brief) Evening Memo:

- Here is a story about a fella that got 13 months in jail for hiring undocumented/illegal immigrant labor. I think this is bullshit. If we are going down this path, should we not hire the consumer that pays 19 cents for a banana? Perhaps the only thing saving our economy from a catastrophic inflation crises is the cheap labor that is keeping produce reasonably cheap. Is it better we import goods from poor countries with devalued dollars? As Mr. Mackey would say, "Xenophobia is bad, M'kay."

- The U.N. is broken and needs to be rebuilt. Here is just one more example of their ineptitude. They will not take any action on the Chinese atrocities in Tibet. For the record, the Security Council should consist of The U.S., Japan, China, Germany, and India, if it is going to be based on the current century. More later...

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