Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sen. Clinton Update and more...

She is still choking the Democratic Party... However, at least we get some gems for her pro-McCain campaign, such as the photo on the right. Is she puckering up to kiss the arse of anyone that will give her power, for no end other than power itself?

Here is a good read that sums up a plurality of my sentiments:

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but for a time there I was pulling for Hillary Clinton.
It’s not easy to explain why. Anyone who had to put up with Bill Clinton for all those years seemed to deserve the benefit of the doubt (though Bill could probably say the same about Hillary). She’s also the first woman to put herself in a serious position to challenge for the presidency, and did it against some pretty heavy water. (Click here for more)

- In other news, as this site was not designed to bash Sen. Clinton (even though she deserves it right now), you may be able to apply your stimulus check toward that cup of coffee in Paris this summer, as the Euro is beginning to slip.

- Here is a story about Shiite violence in Iraq:

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