Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good look at the Dem Primary

Here is a good look at the Democratic primary:

A campaign that degenerates into name-calling and mud-slinging will hurt Mr
Obama more than
it does Mrs Clinton. He has campaigned on messages of “change” and “hope” so he
faces an unenviable choice in the long run-up to Pennsylvania. If he lets the
Clinton team fling the brickbats without retaliation she may set the tone of the
campaign. But respond in kind and his message of a new politics is tarnished.
Even though he is behind there in the polls, Pennsylvania cannot come soon
enough for Mr Obama.

This is a real strategic quandary for Sen. Obama. He needs to stay out of the gutter, that is Se. Clinton's home turf. He has the lead. Furthermore, he can afford to lose Pennsylvania. He still has (pledged delegate votes for each in parenthesis): Indiana(72), North Carolina(115), West Virginia(28), Kentucky(51), Oregon (52), Montana (16), and South Dakota (15) all waiting to deliver for him in May and June. That represents 347 pledged delegates at stake in those states, which more than doubles the pledged delegates left in Pennsylvania (158).

He really needs to stay on his game and keep his campaign clean. Make no mistake, this is his election to lose. He is ahead by every conceivable metric. He has more cash, enthusiasm, delegates, states won, ect. All he needs to do is run out the clock.

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