Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank you, come again...

When I'm cruising the "tubesphere" that is our internets I come across scary, goofy, and sometimes just down right, what in the bloody hell is THIS? I have read quite a bit about how much money that has been tossed drunkenly at any number of the major players in the defense and security industry by our government through massive contracts since 9/11. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the scope of how far that, (to quote GWB recently) "gravy train" would go. Apparently all we needed to do the whole time my fellow Illiterate Electorate is to have Inc. behind our name.

Your government awarded a 300 million dollar contract to the nitwit you see to the right. Yes, you read that right. The idiot (soon to be killed by the Albanian mafia) in the pic is the head of the company. We gave $300 million to that ass munch to supply ammo to the Afghan army to help us in our fight to kill "terror". What did the people of Afghanistan who were willing to risk life and limb to help us "fix" their country get in return? 40 year old Chinese ammo that didn't even come close to working. Shocking, from his boyish good looks I figured his frat boy connections could of gotten him further in life. Where's the backwards baseball cap dude? Here's the meat of the story:

"With the award last January of a federal contract worth as much as nearly $300 million, the company, AEY Inc., which operates out of an unmarked office in Miami Beach, became the main supplier of munitions to Afghanistan’s army and police forces.

Since then, the company has provided ammunition that is more than 40 years old and in decomposing packaging, according to an examination of the munitions by The New York Times and interviews with American and Afghan officials. Much of the ammunition comes from the aging stockpiles of the old Communist bloc, including stockpiles that the State Department and NATO have determined to be unreliable and obsolete, and have spent millions of dollars to have destroyed.

In purchasing munitions, the contractor has also worked with middlemen and a shell company on
a federal list of entities suspected of illegal arms trafficking."

We gave a "company" $300 million, that was working with a company that was on our illegal arms trafficking watch list? Really? Glad to see once again that the MIGHTY Republican run government is protecting us. Assholes.


puddy said...

welcome back, fucko. nice post.

alzaido alzaido said...

Thanks for sharing this story. This is just another reason why George W. Bush and gang belong behind bars.