Monday, March 17, 2008

Democratic Party...

Markos, from the Daily Kos of course, really breaks the Clinton campaign down. We have all been slamming Hillary Clinton pretty good lately and it isn't all unwarranted. She has to step down and let the party concentrate on the task at hand. Defeating McCain and taking our country back. Here's Kos:

"Clinton isn't the most horrible person in the world. She's actually quite nice, despite all her flaws, and would make a fine enough president.

If she was winning.

But she's not, and that's the rub.

First of all, the only path to victory for Clinton is via coup by super delegate.

She knows this. That's why there's all the talk about poaching pledged delegates and spinning uncertainty around Michigan and Florida, and laying the case for super delegates to discard the popular will and stage a coup.

Yet a coup by super delegate would sunder the party in civil war.

Clinton knows this, it's her only path to victory, and she doesn't care. She is willing -- nay, eager to split the party apart in her mad pursuit of power."

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