Monday, March 31, 2008

9/11 Inside Job...

Our Attorney General has been spewing lies about the FISA bill and telecom immunity for months now. He keeps repeating the lie that wiretap warrants hurt the government in trying to protect us. He claims that retroactive immunity is necessary for telecoms because if they are sued for breaking our fourth amendment rights then the ensuing trials would reveal how the government listens to "terrorists". Or how the administration has broke the law is how I interpret it. These claims are false. He knows they are false yet he continues to spread the lie. Mukasey has now taken this falsehood to a whole new level. Last week while speaking in San Francisco about FISA he nearly wept while exploiting 9/11 for his cause to keep the spying program hidden and he dropped this BOMB:

Officials "shouldn't need a warrant when somebody with a phone in Iraq picks up a phone and calls somebody in the United States because that's the call that we may really want to know about. And before 9/11, that's the call that we didn't know about. We knew that there has been a call from someplace that was known to be a safe house in Afghanistan and we knew that it came to the United States. We didn't know precisely where it went."

Did he just admit that the Bush administration KNEW of a call from the plotters of 9/11 but didn't do anything about it because FISA law forced them to get a warrant? FISA law at the time absolutely did NOT force them to get a warrant. So which is it? Is he lying about " a call from an Afghan safe house" that the government "could" have intercepted had it not been for FISA? Or, is he saying that the government actually listened to " the call" and allowed what happened on 9/11 to happen? He can't have it both ways, he's lying about one of them. Which do you think?

Glenn Greenwald breaks it all down here.


BD said...

You can't help but keep wondering, why does this administration get to continually lie to the public with no repercussions? I'm so sick of having to dislike my country's actions.

Bradda said...

It is a sad state of affairs when people with working brains have to be embarrassed by our government. All I know is that when I do some traveling abroad I will be flying the Canadian flag on my backpack. Sad but true.