Saturday, March 15, 2008

China has killed up to 30 in Tibet:

BEIJING (AFP) - Tibet's exiled government said Saturday that about 30 people had been killed during unrest in Lhasa, as Chinese troops locked down the city amid fierce international scrutiny ahead of the Olympics.

Witnesses said tanks and soldiers were out in force in Lhasa following Friday's protests, the biggest against China's controversial rule of Tibet since 1989, as authorities set a Monday deadline for perpetrators to surrender.

"We are confirming approximately 30 deaths, and we are even hearing numbers of over 100 dead, but this number we are unable to confirm," Tenzin Taklha, a senior official of the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamshala in northern India, told AFP. (click here for more)

The global front for NAMBLA, ie, the International Olympic Committee, has stated that there should be no boycott of the 2008 games:

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge (turd on the right) poured cold water
Saturday on calls for a boycott of the Summer Games in Beijing over China's
crackdown in Tibet, saying it would only penalize athletes. (Click
here for more)

This is absurd, offensive to the very concept of reason, and downright flabbergasting. They should just cancel the damn games altogether and instead spend a month having people in the West manufacture their own textiles. That would make much better television than 14 year old girls playing with monkey bars. Besides, doesn't Mr. Rogge (and I use the title Mr. very, very loosely) have a conflict of interest here? He has no soul and no rational for speaking at all. I highly recommend ignoring him whenever and wherever possible.

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