Friday, March 14, 2008

As Kent Brockman would say:

The House of Saud looks to open the Hotel Gal-ifornia:

Saudi women often travel across the kingdom on work-related business and, due to the kingdom's strict rules against gender mixing, are left in a difficult situation when checking in at hotels.

The kingdom's hotels usually only accommodate women who are either accompanied by male family members or who have the approval of their male guardians in the form of either an approval document stamped by the man's place of work or letter from a police station.

"The new hotel is a serious attempt to tackle such a situation," Princess Madawi said.

In essence, this is a very progressive policy. Not quite as progressive as say, I don't know, liberating the female population from barbaric male oppression, but hey, its a start. At least the women won't have to dress like sand people while inside the hotel (or at least I presume). Think the patrons will lend us some money???

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Anonymous said...

That is terrible. You are wrong to say they are wrong. In their culture it is ok to have women wear those clothes.