Friday, March 14, 2008

Morning Memo 2.0

Good morning.

- The U.S. Dollar is sinking to all time lows against currencies around the globe. This is getting bad, and ripple effects are appearing throughout the world. The Fed has decided to increase liquidity, which will thus, I presume, further weaken the Dollar. At least Israel is stepping in to help. Buy an umbrella folks! It may not rain today, but you will want to have something you own all by yourself when the other shoe drops. And umbrellas are still pretty cheap.

- This is another story on China and the Olympics to supplement my earlier post about Tibet. Boycott this summer's Olympics! Sign this too...

- Below you will find a great film about corporations. It is called The Corporation. It is long but good (that's what she said ;):

- Here is a bit more about Reverend Wright. I agree with Andrew Sullivan's sentiments at the end of this article. I too think that Sen. Obama must address this before it becomes a Swift Boat scenario. These sort of stories are like cancer; they can be treated, but only when done early and with surgical precision. Stories like this and feeble responses are not going to do the trick. The junior senator from Illinois is going to have to spend a good chunk of that 55 million he raised in February to deal with this. Otherwise, his delegate lead will suddenly appear less insurmountable in Denver this summer.

UPDATE: It appears that Obama is reading the Illiterate Electorate, as he posted a response at the Huffington Post to these remarks, only an hour after I suggested he act.

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Bradda said...

Your Corporation movie link no worky dog. People should buy the movie anyway to support the documentary makers. I own it. Yes I am getting all Lars Ulrich on you. Heh......