Thursday, March 13, 2008


From March 13-16 in Washington DC there will be a group speaking about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their experiences in the warzone. You will not hear about this gathering from the MSM. I guarantee that Fox Noise (lover of the troops) will not spend one minute of air time of this story.

The Iraq Veterans Against the War will be in Washington to discuss the true costs of war. The gathering is called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. It is named after a similar gathering of Vietnam Vets who were protesting that war. John Kerry was part of the original group. It is named after Thomas Paine's quote of the true patriots who continued on after a horrible winter at Valley Forge.

Please take a minute out of your busy day to give their website a glance. Donate to the cause if you can. Tell a friend or 5 about this story. We need to spread the word of true American patriots who have served their country. They then learned they were lied to about the illegal occupation and have chosen to speak out about it. These men and women deserve our utmost gratitude.

UPDATE: Here's a link where you can watch the live feed of Winter Soldier.

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