Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Morning Memo: Clinton "wins" edition

I write this as I await the President Bush/Sen. McCane passing of the torch. If I live through the ceremony, I will write an update about it.

A few thoughts and tidbits about what happened last night. For starters, Obama lost two of the most backwards states (OH and TX), and three of the most racist (add RI). Look here for more on this...

- In sum, Sen. Obama has a coalition of the educated, the young, and blacks. Sen. Clinton on the other hand is winning with older white women, Hispanics, and uneducated (and underpaid) workers. It is interesting that Hispanics in Texas and unemployed factory workers in Ohio are voting for the same candidate. Not to suggest that Hispanics are taking those factory jobs, but there has been such a xenophobic tendency to blame NAFTA (and looser borders) on our countries woes. Not sure if this is a good or bad sign.

- More and more folk are using the Barack Hussein Obama angle, and I have to think that played some part in last nights results. His Grandma is pissed about it. Furthermore, I think that Remi Kanazi makes a good point here. I wonder, would Obama have a better chance if he were a Muslim or a homosexual?

- Lets be honest, attack adds work. They almost always do. I hope (though last night displayed the futility of hope) that the barbarians in the Clinton camp keep throwing everything they can at Obama. If he can survive their savagery, then the McCane will have nothing left to throw at him. He will be tested, strong, and almost unbeatable in a general election. This is assuming Clinton doesn't take a third party run in the Machiavellian Party.

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