Monday, March 10, 2008

Early Morning/Late Night Memo: To Hell With Daylight Savings Edition

-Drug traces found in U.S. water supply!

Trace amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are lurking in Louisville's drinking water, including one used to treat people with bipolar disorder and alcohol withdrawal, and another prescribed to combat seizures.

Swimming with them in the city's water supply is a favorite pick-me-up: caffeine.

Was it the pharmaceutical companies trying to get us hooked on their products? Was it the bottled water companies? Which conspiracy will pop up first? Which will be right???

-Speaking of possible conspiracies involving corrupt, biblically wicked jerks that in a just society would be locked up and used as subjects for inhumane social science experiments, gas prices have risen nearly 10 cents in the last two weeks. I understand that this is not news to anyone that drives, but I think it is worth documenting for the public record, on this very site, that I am not happy about it. This is not criminal behavior on the part of the oil cooperations/producing nations, but isn't that the point?According to White House estimites, the United States government spent nearly 700 billion devalued dollars on defense in 2007. Shouldn't we use that muscle to invade some "evil" country and steal all of their oil???

-Thousands of families may be forced to abandon home schooling!
Apparently some liberal book reading judges thought that it was a bad idea to have members of our future work force being taught by untrained and unqualified boobs. The nerve of some people...


Bradda said...

How sad is it that 8 years of Bush have made us terrified by anything entitled, "According to White House estimates..."? We all know that nothing good follows those words. Ugh.

Bradda said...

Oh yea, estimates is spelled with an a not an i. Unless the White House has estimites, which they should get checked out.