Monday, March 3, 2008

First post of the month!!!

Well... things have been slow for the past couple-a days with the campaigns lobbing softballs in the final moments before Tuesday's ever-so-important primaries. This one's been sitting on my calendar like a bloated tick. Here's a quick roundup of the weekend's silliness:

  • Still no endorsement from Governor Richardson yet despite his "enough is enough" declaration on Face the Nation that Tuesday's winner should in fact just be the friggin winner already:

    Frankly, I couldn't agree more. This primary season feels like it's been going on forever. Boring and irrelevant now, the candidates' swipes at each other are more harmful than anything. It's time for Huckabee and Tuesday's Democratic loser to pack up camp and get the hell out of Dodge.

  • Among the pathetic swipes at each other... Obama continued his clever deflection of pretty much everything thrown at him and added this little gem about the former first-lady:
    "We're still waiting to hear Senator Clinton tell us what precise foreign policy experience that she is claiming that makes her prepared to answer that phone call at 3 in the morning,"

    Oh... the 3am phone call again... this campaign has been wrought with a ridiculous variety of hypothetical, hyperbole, histrionic, hyper-sensitive, hilarious, Hillary, Huckabee... etc... this leads me right back to my previous point... let's wrap it up folks. Enough with the primary season... it's time to move on.

  • In non-campaign news (as if there is any), not a single Cincinnati Bengal has been arrested during this NFL off-season... so far. No, there are no articles to link to on this one... just an observation.

  • Ah, here's a good one. We blew up Somalia this weekend. I guess that new-war scent is starting to wear-off in Iraq. The strike killed mostly, if not only, women and children, clearly spreading the American sentiment "that's what you get for not having any food..." Next weekend American forces will be strangling babies in the ghettos of Zimbabwe. Stay tuned.

  • Robert Pear of the New York Times has a nice little article shedding light on the encroaching troubles presented by the rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid. Pear explains that while the Democratic candidates have been touting their healthcare packages, neither Clinton or Obama have rushed to the forefront of the debate about our current socialized plans. While Bush has suggested higher Medicare costs for the wealthier, to which the Dems are listening, Senator McCain suggests dropping sick people on Iraq as if they were bombs.

Well, I've fucking had it. Who needs a drink, eh?


Anonymous said...

Wrap it up H! Wrap it up!

Bradda said...

Somalia was asking for it. Look how they were dressed for Godsake! Britain woulda done the same thing.