Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, Christ...

More on the ever-exciting topic of Net Neutrality!!!

Looks like our friends in the religious-right are trying to think again... this time they've decided that 'puters er bad. US News catches them in the act:

"...as you know, the Internet has also made obscenity, child pornography, and other objectionable content readily accessible."

...and that's just what they were able to find in Rev. Eugene Blazek's Internet Explorer bookmarks.

In Bill Maher style... New Rule: Religious conservatives are now only allowed to speak about the things they actually know about... namely: creating obscenity, child pornography, and other objectionable content.

Some hope is alive for our planet however, as the FCC mulls taking action against Comcast who admitted to illegally altering consumer Internet traffic by slowing Bit Torrent connections.

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Bradda said...

I wish this was reported more. The tubes are the last true democracy and "they" are coming after that sucker too. At least we get to watch "news" people talk about the name Hussein. Now that's media!