Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm reposting this because I think it's a tad important, and should be checked out. How did our system get so broken? We have two candidates being represented by the same Washington PR, lobbyist, Washington insider crew. The kicker is they are running "against" each other or so it seems. Barack Obama hasn't taken a dime from any lobbyists and there are no lobbyists on his staff. All they can try to get him with is that he's a Muslim (obviously not true). The tables are tilted folks. The game is rigged. Don't place anymore bets, for you are sure to lose your money.
Here's the original post:

In case you missed it. United Technologies is trying to purchase Deibold Inc. Seems odd that a company that has made and stands to make a ton of money if the war continues, now wants to buy the company that runs most of our electronic voting machines. Now look at who is one of the main lobbying firms for United Tech, BKSH and Associates. The chairman of BKSH and Assoc. is Charles R. Black Jr., who is also John McCain's chief political advisor and confidant. BKSH is a subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller, a D.C. P.R. firm who's CEO is none other than Mark Penn. Mark Penn as we all know runs Hillary Clinton's campaign. Let me see if I get all of this. Charlie Black Jr. is John McCain's chief political strategist who runs a lobbying firm that lobby's for United Tech. Mark Penn is Hillary Clinton's campaign manager who runs a P. R. firm that owns Charlie Black Jr.'s lobbying company. United Tech wants to buy Diebold Inc. From all that we know about rigged elections and how easy Diebold's machines can break down and be hacked. Why in the hell would we want a company that stands to make a killing from the war in Iraq running the voting machine company? Why are two of the leading presidential candidate's campaign people lobbying to make this happen? Did Barack Obama ever really stand a chance? The whole system reeks to high heaven of corruption and rigged elections. Why do I get the feeling we are all gonna be hailing the "Straight (chuckle) Talk Express" come November? Ugh.
UPDATE: Charlie Black Jr. has been doing the talking heads rounds trying to defend McCain from the lobbyist's in his campaign scandal. He was on "Meet the Press" with Timmeh, but Russert failed to note on air that Black himself is a lobbyist! Strange huh? How does a lobbyist defend his candidate from having too many lobbyist's in his campaign? Here's a link to all the companies BKSH has worked for since 1998, along with how much they were paid.

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