Monday, March 3, 2008

Well done ladies...

I have been screaming at the T.V. during the last couple of Democratic debates over both Hilliary and Barack's health insurance plans. With cool slogans like "universal health care" fogging America's mind, no one is discussing the underlying problem. It's true a lot of Americans do not have health care and/or can't afford it, but giving everyone insurance (well making them have it) does not change anything. The problem is the health insurance companies themselves. Just because everyone gets or has to get health insurance, does not mean these companies cannot deny you coverage if you get hurt or sick. Forcing everyone to get insurance only makes these companies richer. The California Nurses Association is running ads in Ohio about this problem.

"We hope to remind Ohio voters of the suffering that nurses witness. We see patients who have been abandoned or abused by the very insurance companies that some think are the solution to our national healthcare crisis. And we hope that voters will ask the candidates of both parties, why are you proposing more insurance, rather than more care?" said Deborah Burger, RN, member of the NNOC/CNA Council of Presidents.

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