Monday, August 25, 2008

Day One in Denver

There are professional Dems everywhere. It like being in San Francisco's city hall, only it smells worse. I am still trying to get my creds for tonight. I saw Nanci Pelosi in the elevator at the Hyatt and asked her but she turned me down and a tall man in a dark suit gave me the impression I should ask no further questions. I was in a bathing suit and had a can of Tecate in my hand after all...I wanted to ask if there would be a Sho'nuff tribute tonight, but I was too frightened. More soon.

*UPDATE* 3:06 PM MST- the big story so far today are and conservative Supreme Court loving stiffs known as P.U.M.A. (see turd of the hour). I had a professed feminist and Hillary Clinton supporter tell me outright that she would "Rather give Roberts her eggs than vote for that prick Obama." I told her she should never have vaginal sex again and should be well practiced in sodomy if McCain wins and she told me she was already on it. So at least scum like this are preparing for the worst.

The Hillary people are everywhere and they seem to have a blind lust for war, death, anit-abortion laws, moonpies and the Republican Party.

I am looking everywhere for the lord of the paste eaters, ie, Mark Penn, but he is probably hitchhiking to St. Paul to be with the Republicans he has been working to elect since January.

My friends (as McCain would say) all I can tell you is we are doomed, and its the Clinton's fault. President McCain is going to get us all killed, and its her and Bill's fault. This is going to be an ugly, depressing, and vengeful few days. My advice, buy stock in firms that produce bomb shelters. If these folk have their way, it will be a safe buy.

UPDATE: 4:26 MST- No, she does not seem to like cheap beer imported south of the border...but the good news is that I met a disgruntled Berklee College of Music (Boston) grad the works the lights and claims he can get me in as part of the sound crew. This would require false documentation and I am not sure what is more important-- avoiding a felony or a better coverage for i.e.?!?

The Clinton people are worse than I am reporting. I can think of at least 4 dozen venereal diseases I would prefer to them.


Comrade Kevin said...

I'm glad you're holding our elected representatives accountable.

I wonder what Pelosi's position on cheap Mexican beer is.

Billie Greenwood said...

Well, she apparently wasn't too impressed with the Tecate.

Rather than buying stock, I'm looking at real estate. Just haven't decided what country yet.

Look forward to your ongoing reports!

Kup said...

Sal just called and asked me to tell you guys that he is outside the Pepsi Arena and heard Teddy hit it out of the park. He said he was almost arrested by the security agents and that the behavior of the Denver police could make the most devout religious figure question the existence of a higher power.

Randal Graves said...

Keep up the drunk posting and remember, free speech is a San Francisco value! Go, Denver PD! Get those maps!

Kup said...

There is nothing sober about this convention, especially when one follows it from a bar across the street. Party stiffs keep coming in and bitching that the company brass won't let them drink so they are doing triple shots of vodka and running back to the arena. I don't want to be there tonight. The Hillary holes are going to storm the stage and then violently take over the entire state of CO. Randal, if you knew how I felt right now, you would not mention those damn maps!

Kup said...

One last thing, I am impressed by the amount of people that responded to my "Honk fo' Sho'Nuff" sign...I will post photos on Friday when I get back.

Dean Wormer said...

Bah, the Clinton's aren't that bad. She gave an excellent speech last night.