Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Thursday...Upchuck Of Infotainment

"Bush forged documents?!? No way!"

For the love of Pete will someone at MSNBC give this woman a SHOW!

Kreplech..err..Puddy has been in the bathroom all night after hearing THIS! (I'm washing my face Mom!)

What the fuck is going on with Canada's BUSES?!?

Remember people, when waiting for a pot delivery always lock up your DOGS! (Fucking Cops are out of control!)

This is for dcup! Imagine your drive home in the heat in one of THESE! (I call dibs on the B.P. banana hammock!)

There's no way that the Dems could blow this election, is THERE??

PETA's response to last Thursday's bus story. Umm...I'm failing to make the connection.

Hey guys and gals, party at my place this weekend. Beer and electric grilled steaks for everyone!

Following the yellow brick road to the White House. How did they GET HERE?

Did the NSA give them a few HINTS? (At least they don't have to deal with that pesky ACLU!)

Someone is going to be throwing one hell of a PARTY!


Unknown said...

Jesus fucking city here! You expect me to read all that?

Too much like work dude! ;)

Bradda said...

dusty, It's not mandatory, you won't be tested on it later! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the PETA thing wqas referring to the less publicized story of how the beheader ate the victim before the cops came.

I'm not sure that makes the connection any better, but I always have trouble with understanding PETA. They're like a McCain ad that way.

Bradda said...

poobah, That's what I was thinking but comparing the slaughter and comsumption of a man by a fucking lunatic and the slaughter and consumption of a chicken by a normal person, well that's just stretching things a tad.

Dr. Zaius said...

Ha! I am going to buy one of those bulletproof bras for Ms. Gregarious!

Randal Graves said...

Man, Canada is getting as fucked up as us. I hope they don't start fighting in hockey.


Beheaded Canadians. It's what's for dinner.

Where are the bulletproof cups?

puddy said...

bradda - why you gotta put up picks from my pool party?

randal - you said man... JETS are playoff contenders now!!!

Bradda said...

Dr. Z, They are pretty sweet.

Randal, Canadian buses are more dangerous than Fallujah!

Krep, The rigging system was to swanky not to share!

Anonymous said...

I was a little afraid to click on the Canada Bus link, thanks to the last one...

Way to go PETA for jumping on that publicity! Sheeesh. I work for an animal rights group and am a vegetarian and I still think that was a bit of a stretch... but I do see their point.

THAT POOL PARTY!! Holy shit, where's the follow up pic? There HAS to be one, right? I mean, electronics near water + booze?

Bradda said...

Helen, The follow up pic was destroying in the electronic shit storm of a fire that ensued!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the after-shot is probably just a singed hole in the ground. LOL!