Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas: America's Anchor

Why is Texas slaughtering foreign nationals like cattle? Why does the state of Texas violate international law and so few inside this ill country's borders seem to know or care about it? The answer to me is simple-- the American experiment has failed.

Or has it? Perhaps this is how it is supposed to work.? (I am not sure if that is a question or a statement)

I have insomnia and bitter memories of the country I just saw, and I am deeply saddened that the state I spent 900 miles driving through last week has declared jihad on the very idea of humanity itself.

So I have placed a new poll question on the right. Please let us know what you think...or just go buy a candy bar and salute the flag, whichever you prefer.

And remember, if you watch the Olympics, root for the Federated States of Micronesia-- they need the support.

Go team!!!


Randal Graves said...

I wanted to vote for the third choice 'cause of the porn, but I don't like Twinkies at all, so they canceled each other out.

The state-sanctioned murder is something I used to point out to the wingnuts in my family when trying to explain what a shithole nation we've become.

"You still have a job, don't you? No one is beating down your door and stopping you from complaining, are they? Etc, etc, etc?"

Like talking to children.

DivaJood said...

On the one hand, if the guy committed a murder, he should be in prison. I'm not for murder. But I am not for the Death Penalty either, which is state-sanctioned murder. But Texas has a reputation of more state-sanctioned murders than anywhere else, and when Bush was Governor, he was the "hanging governor." So, whatever.

Bradda said...

Hey, I'll bet state-sanctioned murder will work better than any stupid fence will!