Friday, August 8, 2008

Glen Beck is a shit-eating feltcher...

It's true! Idiot-boy the self-celebratory ex-alcholic (seriously, the douchebag mentions his past vice everytime he opens the asshole on his face that he uses as a mouth) drew a comparison between Obama's call to properly inflate tires and driving wihtout clothes on to "decrease the weight of our cars, which would increase our gas mileage so dramatically that we probably wouldn't have to drill for any new oil..."

Clearly Beck's found humor in that microscopic, dinosaur-esque, puny, pathetic, republican-shill-of-a-hack little brain of his.

Fuck-stain goes on to say:

It turns out that about two-thirds of vehicles already have properly inflated tires. That means we'd likely save somewhere around 800,000 barrels of oil a day if everyone else also complied. Meanwhile, the U.S. Minerals Management Service estimates that there are about 86 billion barrels of oil in the areas that we're not allowed to drill. You do the math.

NO!!!! You do the fucking math you brainless, bloated corpse! 800,000 motherfucking barrels a day immediately compared to some hypothetical reserve cashing in decades from now!

Relate Obama's tire pressure remark to Carter's sweater nonsense all you want (given Obama's not asking anybody to sacrifice a fucking thing) but at some point even moronic "news" DJs are going to have to admit that Obama and Carter are right.

Glen: give your paycheck to Smith & Wesson, buy a gun, and shoot off that tiny flacid dick of yours to put an end to your diseased genealogy. We have enough distractions without your stupidity.

This is why I rarely post... see ya next month. Peace.



Bradda said...

Why don't you tell Glenn how you REALLY feel! HAH!

If he shoots his dick off, would that make him Nancy Grace? No, she's already hung like a donkey!

Randal Graves said...

We're not allowed to drill because of lefty kooks like you. We already told you, animals will flock to the warm pipes. So you go wear your turtlenecks as you inflate your tires. I've some some oil from my oil change to burn in my backyard, yeehaw heehaw, roy clark!

And yes, I wouldn't cry if Glenn Beck decided to off himself.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Glen Blechh...

He needs to seriously fuck off.

Kup said...

Kreplech- I think he has four children already. Better get fucking people....

Unknown said...

Just say no to watching/listening to Glenn Blecccchh.

I haven't been able to stomach CNN for years. The second Nancy Grace's program started airing and became the "Missing White Girl Show" I tuned the hell out.

Glenn Bleccchhh, like most of those other "pundits" (which fit the exact opposite of that definition), use black/white logic that has nothing to do with reality.

Here's how they think:

Salt eats cars.
We eat salt.
Therefore, we can eat cars.

They just apply it to whatever subject they want. I truly believe they all use the same formula. The only requirement for being a "pundit" on FauxNoise or CNN is an ability to be a lying scum who is able to use the above logic, lie, name-call, and lie some more.

Bradda said...

I wanna eat a car! Mmmmm....Pontaic!

Unknown said...

I'd much rather lunch on an Audi TT, thank-you-very-much.