Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denver Day III

Today is my third day at the DNC, or my second day at the Clinton National Convention. I again watched the events at Andrews down the road and had tied one on pretty good by the time Sen. Clinton took the stage for what I thought was a well delivered speech. I will leave her speech alone, for more light has shined on it than perhaps is necessary. Tonight is VP night, which means Bill Clinton, who is not the VP nominee, will get all of the attention. And we wonder how Bush ever made it into office. Howard Dean, whom I greatly admire, should be fired for allowing this convention to go on the way it has under his watch. The only two moments worthy of mention thus far were speeches by Kucinich and Michelle Obama. This has been one of the greatest disappointments of my adult life. I feel like I am watching the Miami Dolphins.

At least I have a ticket for tomorrow night, so I will actually have some first hand convention floor information Thursday night.

Until then, tune everything out, this town has been turned into a garbage can by these people.

*2:29 MST UPDATE* Ok, so its only been 5 minutes since I posted, but I must tell of the experience I just had right here in the hotel lobby. A women in a pink McCain-Clinton 2008 t-shirt just walked by me. I wanted to throw a chair at her, but I don't have the strength. Not to imply that my spirit is broken...rather, these are rather heavy though comfortable) chairs here at the Hyatt. I am heading out in a few. More soon either from me or I will call into my wife who will post for me on my behalf.

Speaking of which, I have no recollection of any run in with the Gov of Pennsylvania. However, I do see evidence from my text messages that I sent last night that something happened with him and I, or at least, and more likely, someone I thought was him...

*UPDATE 9:27 MST*- I take back what I said. Love is in the mountain air. The Olympic hangover is over! Obama is Phelps. More tomorrow...


Comrade Kevin said...

I think the Obama people did the right thing by providing at least some concessions to the Clintons. Their combined egos could have created some major problems if they'd been provoked.

If we all lived in a vacuum, it wouldn't matter if the Clintons were locked out, but the media saturation of such an deed would be quite damaging indeed.

alzaido alzaido said...

From my view of the convention, via TV, the Clintons were outstanding. they both made large strides in uniting the party and reaching undecided voters.

Sal, calm down on your adult beverage consumption. You'll probably be able to make sense of stuff better.

Randal Graves said...

Obama is Phelps? You mean he'll win the race, then nothing of consequence will happen because no one gives a flying fuck about swimming?

No, I take that back. I'm sure he'll host SNL and appear on Regis and Kathie Lee or whomever hosts that nowadays.

alzaido alzaido said...

Sal, you didn't like John Carey's speech?