Thursday, August 28, 2008

Denver Day IV

I posted last night that love was in the mountain air after the evening's festivities, and seemingly that has carried over into today. It seems like, by and large, Sen. Clinton did her job, and that most of the PUMA/ racist Ferraro types aside, the rational majority of Clinton supporters are coming around. Tonight, Nominee Obama needs to bring them all home. There is no reason to think that he won't do this, and I am starting to see the brilliance of the way this convention was planned, and the errors of my thinking just 24 hours ago.

The Clinton and Obama war needed to end, and that took two important days, but it seems to have worked. My guess is that, assuming that Obama does tonight what he does best, that seemingly all of Clinton's open minded (and thus non-racist) supporters will account for much of Obama's post convention bounce.

Kerry, Biden, and President Clinton were all nearly perfect in their roles last night and did a lot to break apart McCain and build up Obama. The pressure is on.

I also think that McCain and the GOP's plan to try and hijack the convention spotlight by leaking out the VP selection on Obama's night is going to back fire, especially if he selects a predictable peanut turd like Mitt the Shit. Furthermore, I thought it would be bad for the GOP to have their convention so close to the Dems, for theirs starts on a holiday and those with short attention spans (ie the American electorate) will be bored with conventions after this week. Then I realized that all of this is going to help the GOP, because the more people see of them, the more it will help the Dems.

Then the National Hurricane Center projected a possible category 3 or greater to hit New Orleans right in the middle of the GOP convention. For starters, I pray to any higher power that will listen and care that the city that brought us Jazz will be spared another pending disaster. But, if my prayers are not answered, will the pending destruction highlight the little bit that has been done to improve the city in 3 years or will it serve to further drown out any attention the GOP convention gets?

Well anyway, lets hope Obama gets it right tonight. If he does, then everything else should be moot.
In other words, go Dolphins!!!


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks Sal... like your coverage.
Hope you make it back alive.

Randal Graves said...

I watched preseason football.