Friday, July 18, 2008


It is nearly 3am on the west coast, and I just saw the midnight showing of the new Batman flick.

I won't say much, for I am not a really one to write movie reviews--lucky for us--this guy is. Even so, I thought that since this newest depiction of the caped crusader is the distraction of the weekend, that I would express my hope that Obama's trip abroad works as well as this film did, and that his campaign enjoys its same level of success. Four more years of these animals running the show and our country will make Gotham look like Gabon (its supposed to be beautiful).

I shouldn't say anymore, as everything I write is sounding very cheesy when I reread it to myself, probably because I still have the film's sounds teasing my head, and it is 3am. But before I go get some much needed rest (because sitting in a dark theater for 3 hours watching other people's work can be exhausting) I should let you know that just before the film began I saw a preview featuring California's future governor...and he's Austrian. - Gute Nacht, und viel Glück.

PS- check out some drippy white guilt here.


puddy said...

my inner-fanboy is very excited about seeing dark knight...

also, thanks for the Gonzo movie review. it was well worth waiting for.

Randal Graves said...

Jeez, I still have to see Hellboy II and then there's next week when I have to do my duty and go drool at a widescreen Gillian Anderson. Damn you, Hollywood.

Kup said...

Randal, do you think that X Files flick will be any good?

Randal Graves said...

Man, I sure do hope so. In a way, I'm glad they decided to do a stand-alone, because as much of a fanboy as I was of the original conspiracy, I just couldn't get into the super soldier/Scully's baby is the messiah! crap. I figure this is more of a 'let's reintroduce everyone' movie.

The trailer looks pretty cool at any rate.