Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Vanity Fair Cover and a Few Other Stories

I think that Cindy looks more alive in this sketch than any photo I have ever seen taken of her. I think both this and the New Yorker covers portray the stupidity of the American presidential process.

- Where is McGoat when we need him?

- In honor of this cover, here is a great op-ed on McCain and his cronies being turds.

- Is Sen. Obama the "person on the planet that receives the most media attention" ? According to this story from Haaretz, the Israeli daily, that is the case.

In case you did not read about this earlier, a Palestinian in Jerusalem went on a mini rampage in very close proximity to the King David Hotel that Obama will be calling home during his visit.

Was it an accident or a terror inducing act???

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Randal Graves said...

I'd imagine Carla Bruni gets more worldwide. As for Obama, he gets the same as McCain probably. Of course, McCain gets all the good press. Otherwise, explain the 752,193 verbal gaffes in the past week that haven't damaged him all that much.