Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama Your Yamika

Did Fox News really say: Is Obama wearing a Jew cap as part of a terrorist ploy???

** UPDATE **
Shep Smith of Fox News has reportedly stated that Sen. Obama has allegedly been handing out supposed copies of the Koran in the streets of Jerusalem!

- In disgust, I am going to live blog an hour of Fox News starting at 1:20 PST today (I will record the full hour abd skip commercials.


Kup said...

I got an email that someone on Fox mentioned that he put the "jew cap" on as a ploy to hide his Islamic leanings.

DivaJood said...

Unfuckingbelievable how low Fox News will go. I would suspect it was Liz Trotter.

Kup said...

Either her of Shep Smith. Would have been E.D. Hill.

Anonymous said...

So I suppose you have no problem with a guy that seems to have, or had in his lifetime, at least 3 different religions? Or was he just wearing the jew hat because he wants to be "all things to all people"? Or did he just convert from islam because he knew his career would go nowhere?

He's a fake. Anyone who truly believes he is some kind of super politician is just delusional. But then again those same people probably believe in sky daddies with magical powers as well. :)