Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Thursday...

I will NOT be riding Greyhound buses in Canada anytime soon!

We need to do some serious gardening in this country because the weeds are out of control!

I was wondering why our electoral process reminded me of American Idol.

I want THIS man running the presidential debates from now on.

Is there a better place to play with remote controlled cars in the clubhouse?

Everyday should be casual Friday!

If only "We the People" could actually fix this mess!

Is calling your wife a cunt considered abuse?

Don't worry, we'd NEVER use it for nefarious purposes!

Next your gonna tell me that there were 6000 year old dinosaurs there too!

Oh shit, who let Zell Miller out of his cage?!?

Headline of the DAY!

We're still fighting a war HERE?


Distributorcap said...

all the news that is fit to pixels

i cannot wait to wear shorts to work!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that's not your autographed copy of the Patrick Swayze poster....

I like the Walmart sprawl Flash animation. I couldn't believe how green the NY area became over time.

Shorts to work? Have a laugh D-Cap, I did that once a long time ago and caught alot of shit for it. But I'm longing for that day.

Randal Graves said...

I love wearing shorts to work! Take that, corporate clowns!

And next time, make sure the eye candy is actually pleasing to the eye. I don't even want to consider what spartacus just said. Shudder.

Unknown said...

I heart Dan Savage and have for years. That Matt Taibbi article rocked. Did you see I commented?

That greyhound bus incident made me nauseated, thank-you-very-much, and completely and utterly creeped out. I think I'll drive everywhere from now on. Who knows who I might offend?

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing shorts right now at work. And trying not to barf after reading the details of that bus beheading.

Bradda said...

dcap, I think we can get Diva/Nunly to make the shorts rule into law!

Spartacus, HAH! Why are you jealous? Want one? HEH. The Walmart map is pretty wild. Do we need that many?

Randal, I gotta please my lady friends that drop by sometimes! You know you want to run your fingers through his hair! ;)

Helen, Savage rules, hands down. So does Taibbi.

dcup, Hollywood couldn't write a horror movie like that. It'll really make you take a second glance at the guy sitting next to you from now on huh? There's freaks among us!

Life As I Know It Now said...

Freaky bus guys, Zell Miller, McCain and his wife...geeze where do these freaks come from?

Bradda said...

Liberality, Florida, I think!