Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Right is Desperate...

...and understandably so. After all, they did just nominate an absentminded sell out to be their party's nominee. Add to that that they (and the ill-bred citizenry that empowered them) have deal with the fact that their antics are responsible for the toilet bowl overflowing and nearly drowning the USA in crap and you have a very challenging political environment.

So it is no surprise that the right wing-nut talk radio circuit (who correctly identify McCain as a political opportunist that has no problem trading his core for power) went crazy that Obama did not visit wounded troops during his visit to Germany. Unfortunately for them, you can only hide from the facts for so long, and the facts are that partisan politics are prohibited from the hospital, per Pentagon policy. Thus, Obama did, and in many ways could not visit the wounded troops.

I guess having to run a campaign while someone as overtly incompetent as George W. Bush is wearing your colors behind the wheel is difficult enough. Hell, they can't even scare most of us anymore, because what we are already seeing is so perceptibly frightening. So, to my friends on the Right, I offer you the sentiments of the following video as a thank you for creating such a foul national environment that we might actually come together and elect a competent and decent person in the White House to come in and mop up your mess:


Randal Graves said...

Weird Al is national treasure, and I say that without any snark, which should be saved for Grampa and his moronic minions.

Man, I fucking loved that album, even got Weird Al's autograph on my cassette copy of In 3-D when I was ten.

Kup said...

3-D is some of his best work. I think Al is by far one of the most unappreciated minds of the past century. He personifies the best of America. And I quote:

"Have a banana, have a whole bunch,
It doesn't matter what you have for lunch."

Does that not sum it all up?