Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is the illiterate Electorate: An Open Note

As some of you may have noticed, there is a disgruntled memeber of the i.E. family. This blog, as I understood it, was never designed to be a straight news site, and I never had any illusions that we were going to overtake CNN, or that people would follow any us around like King Jaffe Joffer throwing rose petals at our feet because they so loved our work. This site was designed to be exactly what it is.

I often think of that kid from A Christmas Story and how he longed for his teachers praise when wrote his essay on the Red Ryder BB gun, and how he had such visions of an actualized self-concept through another's praise of his written work. His world was shattered when he go the C+, and he ended up shooting his eye out.

So what is the moral of this story?

Pictured above you will find Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. We here have our own Statler and Waldorf, and he is one of this blogs founding fathers, who for reasons I will probably never understand, has decided to initiate a Jihad against me and this blog. I have reached out to this gentlemen on numerous occasions and he has continually rejected my overtures.

Some of this started, I think, when I posted a link to T. Boone Pickens and his plan to get the U.S. off of oil under our "Get off the Couch" section. Do I think that virtually everything the man has ever done before is condemnable? Yes. Do I think its cool that an old Republican oil guy is trying to get the country off of oil? Yes. Would I rather stay on oil and condemn the bastard or work to promote his plan and get off of oil?

I'll let you figure that out for yourself. I recognize that I don't have the power to get us off of oil, or to make or break this billionaire ares plan. In terms of the power structure, I am very small. But I think the Internet in general, and the Obama fundraising machine in particular, demonstrate the power of many small people united by a common purpose.

The expression "politics makes strange bed fellows" has origins, and this must be understood at all times. Furthermore, I should point out that we also have a link to Cheech and Chong singing a song about protecting whales and slaughtering seals.

So I mention this so that you, our dear reader, has a better idea of whats going on, and to please take it in stride, for this is the illiterate Electorate afterall.



Bradda said...

At least the Muppets ALLOWED the old bastards to mock their show! They didn't delete the mockery because it hurt their little feelings.

"Would I rather stay on oil and condemn the bastard or work promote his work and get off of oil?

I'll let you figure that out for yourself."

I'm trying, I'm trying real hard Ringo.

"I don't think he should be fired, because I believe in the right to offend people..."

If this was ONLY true Sal. Your panties clam up faster than a venus flytrap when someone mocks you. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism and I reserve that right.

So in conclusion, if major changes are made to our blog that I don't know about and I think they're silly then I reserve the right(as a founding father of I.E.) to mock the shit out of it. I certainly didn't delte it, 'cept for a silly Bills RIP badge(a tad overdramatic in my mind). So as people do say politics make strange bedfellows, they also say if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Lighten up for fucksake, it's not like I called your Mom a whore, I'm just making fun of your posts and how you've turned the right side of our blog into some sort of bastard child of the Field Negro.

Oh and let's be honest Sal while we're playing matyr. "Reached out to me on numerous occasions and I rejected you each time?" Last time we talked was like back in May and I called YOU. Don't worry though, Krep will come along and tell you it'll all be OK. He's good like that.

Bradda said...

Oh, put my Patrick Swayze picture back up you nazi!

Kup said...


Kup said...

By the way Mr. Bradda, you went on Jihad against the entire blog, not just my posts. And I quote:

I do love the retread picture and the MySpace 15 year old girl thing you've got going on the right side of the blog. It looks Awes! We need more "Jews for Obama" links. I only wish I still cared about this bullshit. Randal Graves is my only hope!

You are as stable as a starving Mike Tyson in an ear, mouth and throat dr's office.

Your like Jerry Falwell when he would spend hours listening to Howard Stern and and criticizing it.

Kup said...

And another thing Bradda, I used the precedent you set with Alzado and e.: No post, you get removed. Live by your own laws, amigo...

Bradda said...

You freaked when I deleted them for not being a part of our blog. Then you turn around and do the same thing? Hypocrisy is thy name sir! As for calling me Falwell...quite silly my friend coming from a "liberal" who used to not only listen to but DEFEND Michael Savage. Really?!

If you keep hanging with people who think you can do no wrong then how will you know if you were ever right?

Apparently a life-long oilman, duechebag, massive GOP and GWB donater is now cool in your eyes because he now wants to bank off the Green Energy bloc but a little criticism from a blogger is where you draw the line!

Maybe I'll make some changes myself tonight just like you did a awhile back. I think things should look different on this blog. Stuff I find witty and funny. This blog needs more cowbell and I'm just the man to do it.

Kup said...
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Randal Graves said...

Hey fuckers, if you guys wanna do fight club, fine, but it better not make this blog go offline. bradda, if I'm your only hope, you're fucked. ;-)

Kup said...

We aren't going anywhere Randal. This is more like pro-wrestling, without all the thought provoking banter that used to come out of Capt. Lou's mouth.