Thursday, July 3, 2008

CAUTION: Jew Eating Bunny on the Loose!

Well, as was posted in the past, Palestinian television has used a crude looking Micky Mouse, that became a martyr in their national struggle, as a tool for spreading hate and a lust for vengeance. Brainwashing the young is necessary if the Mid-East conflict industry will remain active for years to come. I thought the mouse was evil and violated multiple copyright laws, but I digress. So now, with the mouse (and bee) dead, they have moved on to a pink Jew eating bunny rabbit (think about it, this was bound to happen):

If you are on your way to synagogue and you spot this specimen, we here at the Illiterate Electorate advise that you run...DO NOT WALK! This bunny means business..

1 comment:

Bradda said...

"That rabbit is dynamite!"

Where's the holy hand grenade when you need it?