Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John McCain's Fairy Tale Economic Plan

John McCain now says he will never raise taxes, even if we need to do so. Therefore, his plan is, in essence, to keep taxes on the wealthy low, keep troops in Iraq, increase troop levels in Afghanistan, all the while balancing the budget in four years.

This will all be very difficult since, should he win, he will inherit a $482,000,000,000.00 budget deficit.

Thus I ask...how? How is any of this possible? He is going to respond that he will get rid of pork, which would be impossible, for any piece of legislation that helps one area of the country can be referred to as pork. Furthermore, how is he possibly going to reform the entire legislative process?

I wonder--is this man delusional, a liar, or a pandering fool?
While it sucks paying them, taxes are necessary. For starters, they pay McCain's salary (though pointing this out may hurt my overall argument), they pay for the wars he loves, and they kind of, you know, keep the country running. When you don't have them, country must borrow cash which it will in turn owe to other countries, which has to be paid at I higher rate, which tends to ruin a country.
This guy is such a has been and if he is elected, we will get four more years of the government we deserve.


Bradda said...

He has a VISION Sal. Heh.
Delusional. Check.
Liar. Check.
Pandering fool. Check!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday a C-SPAN caller noted made a simple statement to "all those people who don't ever want to pay taxes..." "Next time your house catches on fire," he chuckled," Hang up that phone and grab a phone. 911 and firefighters are paid with tax dollars."

So simple. So true.

Repbulicans with their anti-tax rhetoric are the teenagers of the political world. They want to the fun of being adults, but none of the responsibility.

No offense to teenagers intended.

Bradda said...

dcup, Sad but true comment. The Rethuglicans remind me of first year college kids with their first credit card. Weeee...then they hand it off to Mom and Dad(Democrats). Fix this please folks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, McCain is pandering as usual. Republicans really do have a weird logic when it comes to taxes. When I used to live in Mass. I knew my taxes paid for all that snow plowing so that our roads were driveable, if we didn't pay tax, I might as well hibernate like a bear in winter.

Randal Graves said...

Gee, you all are dumb.

How is he going to pay for it?

Magic beans! You see how much giant peas are going for on the world market?

DivaJood said...

I'm all for Magic Beans. Then we can climb the beanstalk, steal the golden goose, and the golden harp, and the golden nest egg.

What McCain was saying was "I will not raise taxes (for the wealthy). I will continue to raise taxes for the poor and the dwindling middle class." In the background, Cindy was saying "Let them eat cake."

Bradda said...

Randal, Who do we have to invade to get our hands on these beans?

Diva, If they could the Rethuglicans would tax all of us back to serfdom.

Randal Graves said...

I'm guessing a nation whose army we can actually defeat with our military stretched so goddamn thin.

Switzerland? Liechtenstein? Togo?

Bradda said...

Randal, How about Costa Rica? They don't even HAVE an army!