Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Night Video and Question:

The new Gallup daily poll shows Sen. Obama up by 9 points over Sen. McCain. The moe is only +/-2% and thus this seems like a highly reliable poll. Never put much stock in a poll with a moe of more than 3.5% percent. Even if this poll's error is on the high side, and Obama "only" leads by 7%. Even worse for McCain, polls show that Obama could lose Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio and still win the Electoral College. Thus I wanted to ask our readers, what does McCain, barring a horrific act of political violence or an Obama fuck up, have to do or have to have happen to gain the lead?

While your thinking that over, please watch this demonstration:


alzaido alzaido said...

That's scary.

Anonymous said...

All that has to happen is the rethugs steal it again. They can, if it's close. 9 points doesn't make me feel too comfortable, and also reminds me that there are millions of morons running about the country who actually want to elect a dithering old fool ON PURPOSE.

There are sooo many things that could happen. Remember Dukakis in a tank? I honestly can't believe that that was why he lost but many speculate it is.

All that has to happen is Obama is made to look unpresidential, or foolish. It's OK for McLAme to do so (he does every day) because we're used to it. Oh and because IOKIYAR.