Monday, July 28, 2008

It Is What It Is...

I just read a dual interview that NewsWeek did with both the candidates and McCain continues to raise the bar on presidential candidate stupidity. I mean, in all honesty, is this guy the WORST candidate our country has ever seen? How the fuck does he still have nearly half the country thinking he'd be just dandy as our next President? Instead of wanting to have a beer with the guy, I want to take him to the pound to be put down. I find myself feeling sorry for the old bastard but of course I snap out of it. Here's a few gems from the McCain interview:

NW: You've advocated for lifting a ban on offshore drilling. Why is drilling there preferable to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
JM: Because the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I believe that offshore drilling is clearly called for. I think we need to do it, and we have to do it.

Huh? Answering because it is what it is, well it's just silly. Saying we need to do things without giving any rational reasoning is just plain GWB territory. "We do it because we think it should be done." Brilliant.

NW: On torture, why should the CIA be treated differently from the armed services regarding the use of harsh interrogation tactics?
JM: Because they play a special role in the United States of America and our ability to combat terrorists. But we have made it very clear that there is nothing they can do that would violate the Geneva Conventions, the Detainee Treatment Act, which prohibits torture. We could never torture anyone, but some people misconstrue that who don't understand what the Detainee Treatment Act and the Geneva Conventions are all about.

The CIA is "special"? Do they have magical powers Johnny? This whole answer is a lie and he knows it because GWB attached a signing statement to the DTA that makes it a moot point when it comes to torture. For McCain to claim that "we could never torture" is ludicrous and anyone who hasn't been living in a cave knows that we have tortured detainees. For those who have been living in a cave(OBL), don't worry, our government has no intention of finding you.

NW: How do you plan to win the votes of women? What policies can you point to that will help you win their support?
JM: Job creation is one of their No. 1 issues, and education and equal opportunity. I have not only a very clear record, but I have a very clear vision to restore our economy, to create jobs and particularly small businesses and to protect America for their sons and husbands and friends and cousins and [family] members, men and women, who are serving in the military.

After spending the night in a steamy tepee and eating peyote, McCain has emerged with a VISION people! A clear vision that will save us all...weeeee. How about breaking down this vision for us in real life solutions? Nah, that sounds hard. For the record he did state that his spirit guide is a three-toed sloth. Nice!

NW: Are you worried being pro-life will drive them away?
JM: The majority of women in America, in my view, respect the rights of the unborn.

Last time I check gramps, only 24% of American women believe that abortion should not be permitted. Not really a majority pops. Does this fossil really have a legitimate chance of being our next leader? I shudder at the thought.


DivaJood said...

//Because the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.//

Rather Zen of him, actually.

Bradda said...

Diva, That's exactly what I thought when I read it!

Kup said...

HA! Maybe McCain has been studying the actions of Zen master Phil Jackson...

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes, this buffoon has a chance of being president. Why? Because he's not the black guy.
Obama is the best candidate in decades and McCain is . . . well, as bad as the last republican candidate for president.

Unknown said...

The biggest reason that I would never vote for grampaw McLame is his ABYSMAL voting record on womens' reproductive rights.

Thanks for this, what a moron indeed. We cannot afford to have another village idiot in charge. We just can't.

Anonymous said...

I love the way he totally side steps the woman question. However, there's just no surprise with these responses. None whatsoever.

Bradda said...

Helen, You don't want a 72 year old guy telling you what you can and can't do with your body? Per shame! Heh.

Spatacus, I know but the funny thing was at least when politicians feign around questions they drop a few tidbits of info and whatnot. This was just lunacy.