Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton and the News

It turns out that Sen. Obama is vetting Sen. Clinton after all, in a move that means she has not been ruled out for the VP slot. According the the NYT:

Democrats said they thought it was less likely now than it was a month ago that Mr. Obama would choose Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York as his running mate, though they said she remained in consideration and that she was being vetted.
Many, myself included, would hate to see her selected. She is polarizing, patronizing, and as "insider" as it gets. Not to mention that there is, as Mitt Romney (turd) pointed out, the problem of Bill Clinton in the White House with lots of free time. In sum, this could be a classic case of one kitchen and multiple chefs (I tried to rework the cliche).

However, many, myself included here as well, think she would be a great pick. She has passionate supporters, is brilliant, and much experience. Not to mention that she would be a great president if something happened to Obama, and that should be the most important question presidential candidate asks. Too often the politics of the never ending path to the presidency lose sight of that.

One complaint that I think is valid (and that I have opined on this corner of the Internets on more than one occasion) is that she is a Machiavellian beast that would eat her own feet if it resulted in more power. This little tidbit portrays this uncomfortable tendency, and that is her having registered following her concession to Sen. Obama.

Sure, she might be securing it for her Senate run in four years, but come on, does that really seem plausible? 16 months of running for President and she decides to turn her attention to a safe Senate seat that is not to be before the people of New York for four years?

That does not seem likely.

So what does this mean? Well, maybe nothing. But it does seem like another glimpse of her lust for power, and her lack of faith in the possibility of a President Obama.


Bradda said...

So which is it Sal? Your post seems wishy washy. You say you would not push for Obama and then you backtrack in the same post. Which is it man??

Bradda said...

I do love the retread picture and the MySpace 15 year old girl thing you've got going on the right side of the blog. It looks Awes! We need more "Jews for Obama" links. I only wish I still cared about this bullshit. Randal Graves is my only hope!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, Hillary is a mixed bag in terms of a pick. Like I stated on my site, I believe she was already picked when Obama and her met before he accepted the nomination. Then again I could be wrong given that some of her more fanatical supporters would still not support Senator Obama if she was VP.

My personal pick would be governor Sebelius, she has done a lot in Kansas and would certainly secure some of the female population once she gets out there and starts to speak at public events.

puddy said...

bradda - no more 5am posting for you... pull up your pants like a big boy.

Kup said...

Crain, I agree that Sebelius would be a good pick.

Hillary is very much a mixed bag. I am very much on the fence about her, but word has it we may know in a week or so.

Kup said...
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Kup said...
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Dean Wormer said...


For the time being at least I'd like to drop an cartoon anvil on all of their heads.

Anonymous said...

How does she help him?

What demographic does she pick up for him that he doesn't already have?

Her negatives far outweigh any potential positives.

She is absolutely loathed in the South, and Obama must win at least one Red State.

Kup said...


I think she would help him with women , blue collar men, and Hispanics. I think he can win red states like CO,NM, ect with or with out here.

As I said, she is by no means my first choice, and truthfully, the VP does not do that much for voters anyway.

Anonymous said...

Silly to jump to a judgment over a domain name registration. Maybe she was trying to prevent someone else from taking it and using it for evil (like Verizon registering Of course, the malcreants registered

On the other hand, it might have been a gesture of good faith that there wouldn't be a floor fight, with a little bit of I-told-you-so thrown in (because he deserves to be hit over the head with I-told-you-sos).

I doubt she's going to use it because there is nothing wrong with for Senate or Presidential or even Gubernatorial races.