Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Darth Nader

Does Ralph Nader really think he's helping things or does he just want to stay on the edge of the spotlight? While there are plenty of things about Ralph Nader I like, his decision to force his name on the ballot every four years is more annoying than a Hannah Montana marathon. Now he's gonna be on almost every ballot again. Backed by GOP dollars, his role is clear: WIN THE WHITE HOUSE (for the Republicans)!!! He's like the Timmy Lupus of Washington trying to come up with the big catch. His real threat comes in swing states where he could account for up to 10% of the vote by jaded voters trying to make a difference in their own conscience. Voting for Nader makes as much sense to me as that string quartet on the Titanic that kept playing instead of seeking life preservers or a boat. If he were a legitimate candidate, he wouldn't have to sue to get on the ballot and he'd be included in the debates. He's almost like the Anti-Monty Brewster. He doesn't want you to vote "None of the Above." He wants you to vote for him, so the Empire can win.


alzaido alzaido said...

Nader as done a lot of fine work for all of us over the years. Unfortunately you are right. We are a 2 party system, and Nader does not draw republican votes. It would be great if he went to work for the American people again by dropping out of the race.

Randal Graves said...

I'm starting to wonder if he's so fed up, he'd rather see the goopers win, thereby speeding up the demise of empire.

Hey, there are days I feel that way myself, so I can sympathize.

That said, I doubt that's the case with ole Ralph.